On Creativity and Originality: Brad Mehldau’s Beethoven

I was researching Brad Mehldau shows on bradmehldau.com and discovered the jazz pianist’s writings on Beethoven and Coltrane.  How fascinating!  In his first installment, Mehldau mentions that scholars categorize an artist’s corpus into periods of artistic development: early, middle, late.  This analytical procedure has advantages and disadvantages, but one problem concerns the evaluative criteria by […]

A Window Onto the World: Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words

In Murakami’s novels, we confront talking cats, slow-witted savants, teenage runaways, rain-smeared windows, jazz and Beatles songs, and the harrowing depths of dark wells.  A popular novelist, frequently nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, we have reason to ask: How does Murakami’s writing connect to readers?  Why are we so incredibly fascinated with his […]