Twenty Important Philosophy Books

If I were asked for a list of the most significant philosophy books (ever written), then I might produce the following list.  Why is such a list relevant?  These books could be considered essential reads for any novice philosophy student or someone who is interested in reading philosophy… (this list is not comprehensive or ranked in order)…

1)  Plato. The Republic.

2) Aristotle.  Nicomachean Ethics.

3) Rene Descartes.  First Meditations.

4) Immanuel Kant.  Critique of Pure Reason.  (All the Critiques)

5) Fredrich Nietzsche.  Beyond Good and Evil.

6) Bertrand Russell.  Philosophy of Logical Atomism and Basic Writings.

7) G.E. Moore.  Principia Ethica.

8) Ludwig Wittgenstein.  Tractatus and Philosophical Investigations.

9) J.L. Austin.  How to Do Things with Words.

10) W.V.O. Quine.  Word and Object.

11) Peter Strawson.  Freedom and Resentment and Individuals

12) Donald Davidson.  Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation.

13) Saul Kripke.  Naming and Necessity.

14) Barry Stroud.  The Significance of Philosophical Skepticism and Quest for Reality.

15) Thomas Nagel.  Mortal Questions and The View from Nowhere.

16) Bernard Williams.  Problems of the Self and Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy.

17) Peter Singer.  Practical Ethics and Animal Liberation

18) John R. Searle.  Mind, Language and Society and Minds, Brains, and Science

19) John Rawls.  Law of the Peoples and Justice as Fairness.

20) Derek Parfit.  Reasons and Persons and On What Matters (2 Vols.)







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