15 Best Philosophy Books in 2014

Although we’ve started a new year, we can still celebrate recent great titles in philosophy.  Here are several significant contributions in the field:

1) T.M. Scanlon.  Being Realistic About Reasons.  (Oxford UP)

2) Bernard Williams.  Essays and Reviews: 1959-2002.  (Princeton UP)

3) Scott Soames.  Analytic Philosophy in America and The Analytic Tradition in Philosophy, Vol. 1.  (Princeton)

4) Peter Van Inwagen.  Existence: Essays in Ontology.  (Cambridge UP)

5) Penelope Maddy.  The Logical Must: Wittgenstein on Logic.  (Oxford)

6) Tim Crane. Aspects of Psychologism.  (Harvard UP)

7) Stephen Finlay.  Confusion of Tongues.  (Oxford UP)

8) Mark Schroeder.  Explaining the Reasons We Share.  (Oxford UP)

9) Allan Gibbard.  Meaning and Normativity.  (Oxford UP)

10) Derk Pereboom.  Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life.  (Oxford)

11) Michael Bratman.  Shared Agency.  (Oxford UP)

12) Philip Pettit.  Just Freedom.  (Norton)

13) Dale Jamieson.  Reason in a Dark Time.  (Oxford UP)

14) David Chalmers.  Constructing the World.  (Oxford UP)

15) John Campbell and Quassim Cassam.  Berkeley’s Puzzle.  (Oxford UP)



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