Should First-Year Composition Classes Include Reading?

This is a huge question and I’m indebted to Ellen C. Carillo’s Securing a Place for Reading in Composition.  I think the answer to the question is “Yes,” but I’ll leave my response for another post.  Here is an interesting forum on reading in composition, and Carillo recommends the following helpful resources:

Lowe, Charlie, Zemliansky, Pavel, et al. Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing. Vols. 1 & 2. Parlor Press.      

Scholes. “The Transition to College Reading

Bazerman. “A Relationship between Reading and Writing

Graff. Clueless in Academe.

Graff. Preface & Introduction to They Say / I Say. Norton.

Graff. “Disliking Books

Booth. “Boring from Within

Rose. Lives on the Boundary (Penguin)

Batholomae. Introduction to Ways of Reading. (Bedford)

Bartholomae. Writing on the Margins. (Bedford)  [See “Argument of Reading”]

Joliffe & Harl. “Studying the ‘Reading Transition’ from High School to College

Elbow.  “War Between Reading and Writing…”

Adler-Kassner/Estrem.  “Reading Practices in the Writing Classroom

Allen. “Reprivileging Reading

Bartholomae. “The Pittsburgh Study of Writing

Benander. “Promoting Transfer of Learning

Bizzell. “On the Possibility of a Unified Theory of Composition & Literature

Flower. “The Construction of Purpose in Writing and Reading

Flower/Haas.  “Rhetorical Reading Strategies…”

Harrington. “Composition, Literature, and the Emergence of Modern Reading Practices” [online]

Morrow.  “Role of Reading in the Composition Classroom

Paxman. “Reinventing the Composition / Literature Course

Perkins. “Teaching for Transfer

Perkins.  “Transfer of Learning

Petrosky. “From Story to Essay

Salvatori. “Reading and Writing a Text…”

Salvatori. “Conversations with Texts

Purves. “Language Processing

Steiner, David. “Reading”

Tate. “A Place for Literature in Freshman Composition

Thorson. “Literature in Freshman English”

Thorson. “Literature: the Freshman’s Key”


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