Hermann Hesse on the Self…

“We always draw the boundaries of our personal selves much too narrowly!  We count as our selves only what we can distinguish as individual or anomalous.  But really we are all made up of the substance of the whole world–every one of us.”


Hermann_Hesse_2.jpg (2530×3024)

“If the whole human race died out except for one single halfway talented child who had never enjoyed any education, that child would rediscover the whole course of the world and could produce everything anew: gods, demons, paradises, commandments and prohibitions, the Old Testament and the New….There is a very big difference between having the world inside you and knowing it!  ….You wouldn’t call every biped you see on the street human, would you, just because they walk upright and carry their babies in the womb for nine months?  You can see how many of them are fish or sheep, are worms or angels, how many are ants, how many are bees!  Now every one of them contains the possibility of becoming human, but only when he intuits this possibility, or even learns to bring it at least partly into his consciousness, is it truly his.”   –Hermann Hesse, Demian



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